katharinajej und Julia Dick met in 2007 in the city of Brunswick and have since been working together under the moniker katze und krieg. In slow motion and clad in the most beautiful ball dresses they go shopping at the supermarket, or, they scream their heads off while beating the hell out of fences and street light posts in the clean and tidy neighbourhoods of the city - just in order to release their reawakened “inner animality” -

or, they pop up with a shop in the middle of the shopping zone, selling “performances that satisfy all your needs”...

They intervene nationally and internationally in the mark of: 

Stadtmachtkunst Hannover (2008), International Performance Art ZooM Hildesheim (2008), 

Theaterformen Braunschweig (2010), Theaterszene Europa Köln (2011), Stromereien Zürich (2011), Jacuzzi Festival Wien WUK (2011), Streetcat in Bat Yam Israel (2011), Explosive Bremen Schlachthof (2011), casa do rio Brasilien (2011), HMK Niederlanden (2012), Hart am Wind Göttingen (2012), BMUKK Wien (2012), Performa Südschweiz (2012), Trial and Error Tübingen (2013), Inverscity Oberhausen (2013), Lothringer13 Florida München (2014), Fremdgehen Drama Köln (2014), Spajalica Kroatien (2014), sommerblut Festival Köln (2015).