katharinajej is lying down on a white blanket on the pavement of a small town. Lie down with me is written on the blanket. Her shoes are placed next to the blanket. She is waiting for an encounter with you on the ground, in public.

a white blanket on the floor to lie down with me.

a chance to meet in fragility.

an intimate encounter in public.

a possible contact with a stranger on the ground. 

„I am lying down on the blanket. The floor is grounding me, supporting my weight. I leave the vertical and arrive in the horizontal position. My way of feeling and thinking changes. The whole nervous system powers down and relaxes. I feel more vulnerable and fragile, at the mercy of whoever comes by. From below I have another perspective of the town surrounding me. I am lying down where people normally step on. This time they are invited to lie down with me. Lying next to each other, bodies touching or not touching, talking or not talking, together observing the small town, or closing our eyes.“

On 24 July 2017 from 1 PM, in Sokolovsko, Poland

as part of the international Kontext Festival of Ephemeral Art

On 11 August 2017 from 2 PM, in Schwabach, Germany

as part of Schwabacher Kunsttage Ortung X

Fotos in Poland by Polak Grzegorsky and E. Wróbel


Fotos in Schwabach by Thomas Michels and Magdalena Sandner