3,3 km/h

 A rickshaw for the young and old



One rickshaw

Two persons

An elderly and you

Sharing a ride to the big wide world


katharinajej, joined by bicycle rickshaw driver and carer for the elderly Bernhard Tscherny, sets out to 30 rickshaw rides, each reserved for an elderly and a young person. The ride starts in front of 'Seniorenhaus Heilige Drei Könige', a retirement home, where old and young people meet on the rickshaw seat, travelling on a carefully selected route through Köln Ehrenfeld, all in slow motion.

During the slow ride, passengers' momentary involvement may alternate between the theme of encounter of generations, but also pronounced external stimuli from the city's hustle and bustle, as well as a more subtle introspective element. The neighbourhood will be experienced in an entirely different way through deliberately adopting a rather unhurried pace - accompanied only by the occasional piano interlude along the way. The little space available on the rickshaw seat results in a physical closeness of two people who may not have previously met, while the rickshaw moves extremely slowly, becoming itself an intervention amidst the rushing city life.

Performances will take place from 12 August 2017, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15 PM and 4:30 PM. Sign-up via katharinajej@yahoo.de is required.

Tickets are 14 Euros / reduced 9 Euros

Concept & realisation: katharinajej

Rickshaw driver: Bernhard Tscherny

In cooperation with Seniorenhaus Heilige Drei Könige

With the kind support of