becoming familiar with urban architecture

Until the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, katharinajej became familiar with strangers on the street by remaining in silence with her counterpart in physical proximity for three minutes in Cologne, Germany and Yangon, Myanmar. Since then, a distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained from people in public spaces. Thus, katharinajej visited the forest to approach trees, bushes and grasses or spent even more time at home to make contact with lamp, wall and mirror. 

On January 15, 2021 katharinajej walks along the streets of Cologne Kalk to become familiar with street sign, electric box and sidewalk. In this way she wants to experience what it means to be in physical connection with our urban architecture.

The performance takes place in the context of "The World for Kalk" organized by the exhibition space Strizzi. The photographic documentation of the performance can be seen in the windows of Strizzi (Trimbornstr. 7 in Cologne Kalk) and in the public space of Kalk from January 26, 2021.


Pictures of the performance by Florian Müller

Plakate in Köln Kalk