Video portraits of new arriveals and locals of Köln-Ehrenfeld´s Geisselstraße

From 7 January through 4 February 2018, katharinajej showed video portraits of various people living on Geisselstraße, including those recently arrived at the refugee accommodation located in the same street, as well as locals who have been already living here for longer. Portraits showing the faces of previously filmed inhabitants of this neighbourhood have been projected daily between 5 PM and 8 PM at Geisselstraße no.15.

Open to the public, this display shows a handful of people who  are currently living at Geisselstraße. Faces you'd hardly get to see longer than an instant when passing on the street do now become visible and hence more familiar. Neighbours who would normally rarely get in touch with one another, do now share the same plot within the video installation - time-related and spatial proximity on the projection surface. The prolonged intervals showing individuals' faces allow passer-bys and residents to grasp the beauty of each and every human being regardless of their origins. The street is showing us its true colours.

Press release in the Rheinischen Rundschau

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