At Christmas in 2010/2011/2013 katharinajej stands in the crowds of the Christmas markets in Vienna, Munich, and Cologne offering herself to be given away as as present - to your friend, colleague, neighbor or son. Actions of neighbourly love fall victim to the service economy and can be chosen from a list, purchased and given away as present for Christmas. katharinajej concluded more than 40 contracts.

The offer:

  1. I warm your hands.

  2. I visit your parents.

  3. I listen to you.

  4. I bake cookies for you.

  5. I help you.

  6. I console you.

  7. I share my glühwein with you.

  8. I accompany you on a winter walk.

  9. ......

2019 katharinajej is invited to have a Christmas hut at the Christmas market Winter Wonderland in Düsseldorf in front of the NRW Forum in order to sell her actions of neighbourly love