becoming familiar with each other # Yangon

two strangers


centred on the pavement

holding hands

in silence, for a while

In March 2020 katharinajej is invited by the New Zero Art Space for a residency in Yangon. There, in the very warm Yangon, she developes from the Performance warming one another, which was created in the German Winter of 2019, the Performance becoming familiar with each other. In the middle of the city Yangon katharinajej invites pedastrians - people completely unknown to her - to overcome foreignness by getting in a real physically touch.. In this contact of two bodies unknown to each other, katharinajej lingers in silence with her counterpart. Together they become a living sculpture evolving among the busy city life, a symbol of familiarity between strangers. The encounter takes place right before other bypassers' eyes. A sign that is placed next to the scene informs about what is happening.

In days of the existence and fear of infection with the corona virus, these are perhaps for the time being the last clueless, enjoyable and longed for moments of contact and connection with the other? When will this contact be possible again?

Feedback of participants

It was a wonderful experience which I was initially very hesitant to try especially to be in so close contact with a stranger. However, after a while holding your hands, I felt that all human beings are created just the same, we should have less fear, not to impose prejudices and be more open to each other (despite with a stranger). Holding hands are simple to do as it no longer depends on language, race, background, level of education etc. After that, I feel we can connect to each other more easily as by just holding hand once, we are not stranger anymore. Lim

At first I was reluctant but at the end of 3minutes I feel like we were friends for sometime. Not just strangers meetings for the first time. David


Pictures of the Performance by Hein Htet Aung

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