On golden signs throughout Cologne, dates and phrases are written, descriptions of experiences in the everyday life of katharinajej. Exhibited as part of the event plan 14 parcours - Architektur im Kontext.

Rudolfplatz, the 9.2.2012 - Here, Tim waited for me.

Marzellenstraße, the 18.2.2012 - Here, a man invited me to take a bite from his McChicken.

underneath the Deutzer Brücke, the 1.6.2012 - Here, Johannes took off his blazer to warm me up.

Ecke Zugweg, the 9.1.2013 - Here, Enric picked up some flowers for my hair.

Frankenwerft, the 15.12.2013 - Here, David tangoed with me.

Bonner Wall, the 14.1.2012 - Here, I found chocolate with Antje.

U-Bahn Haltestelle Dom, the 29.12.2011 - Here, a young man helped me to pick the lock of my bike.

Universitätstraße, the 22.10.2012 - Here, Manuel chatted me up in order to make my acquaintance.

Blücher Park, the 3.9.2011 - Here, Gabriel and I watched the stars.

Christinastraße, the 2.3.2013 - Here, two guys invited me to take a drag of their spliff.

Neusserstraße Shell Tankstelle, the 8.3.2013 - Here, I cried for Diogo.

Vorplatz Hauptbahnhof, the 23.9.2012 - Here, I waited for Xavier.