Galerie Mantél

A new space of art has popped up in Cologne.

Radically small, mobile, strikingly intensive, sensual, simple and ephemeral.

Existing just for the length of your visit.

That´s what Galerie Mantél is about.

On 23 October 2017, as part of the AIC art weekend, Galerie Mantél was travelling alongside the event’s visitors on the bus to the art spaces. Galerie Mantél took a seat next to them, inviting for a visit during the journey. More information below.

We are inside, at Galerie Mantél.

Our arms are pressed against each other.

He is looking straight to the front.

I’m looking at him.

His eyes are closed.

He tells me he has a hangover.

Somebody slips us some chocolate. I’m having a piece.

He does not want any. Why not?

He confides to me the gastro-intestinal issues he’s been having as a result of street food during his last holidays.

I tell him about the worms of my past.

A moment of silence.

Where are we?

Light is shimmering through the fabric of the coat.

He looks different from up close. His face is softer.

I can tell the smell coming from his mouth, he can tell mine.

I ask him what I smell of.