Since Christmas 2013, katharinajej offers a service to give away stars. The stars can be given as a present to a friend, a father, a colleague, a neighbor, or to oneself. From the list of stars the appropriate star can be chosen:

1. The star of snow.  

2. The star of love.

3. The star to decorate your laptop. 

4. The star to sweeten your life.

5. The star to hide in your hair for you to find it there.

6. The star to make you more beautiful.

7. The star to be always with you.

8. The star for you to discover new things.

9. The star to give it to the cashier of your supermarket.

10. The star to throw in the air and make a wish.

11. The star to point you in the right direction.

12. The star to give vent to your anger.

13. The star to make you shine.

14. The star to make peace.

  1. 15.The star to warm you up.

  2. 16.The star to heal you.

  3. 17.The star which turns you into a star.

Each star costs what it´s worth to you. Send an email to with the star you wish to have and the address of the person to whom the star should be sent to. The star will arrive in the letter box of the chosen person in time for Christmas.